The introduction of a 20mph speed limit in Oaksey will soon make the village safer, a parish councillor has said.

Oaksey Parish Council are working with Wiltshire Council to install a 20mph zone in the village.

The new speed limit will help improve the streetscape in the village by allowing for the removal of unnecessary signs and posts within the village.

They are also planning to help fund a raised junction outside the village shop with a pedestrian space for increased safety.

Oaksey parish chair Richard Moody said: "Villagers in Oaksey have decided to take extra measures to control the speed of traffic passing through their lovely village.

"The very narrow Street which already has chicanes is still dangerous for pedestrians because some drivers will not respect the speed limits.

"The new speed indicator device installed on the eastern approach last year has been a great success with average speeds coming down as cars enter the village.

"Unfortunately, we recorded too many cars are still exceeding the limits. The village's loyal community speed watch group maintain their vigilant work throughout the year and together with the new measures this year we hope that Oaksey will soon become a safer place for cyclists and pedestrians."

The proposed sign changes will commence this month, with the rest of the work following soon after.