PARLIAMENT returns this week with MPs focused on Brexit.

The Government’s “preparations” for no deal have hit new depths‎.

They awarded a £16m cross Channel shipping contract to a company with no ships, whose website refers to their “drivers delivering meals”, having being cut and pasted from a fast food company’s website.

I know it is the pantomime season, but you could not make it up!

Frankly it would be hilarious were it not so serious.

This is the future of our country’s health, security and economy.

It is obvious that Mrs May and Mr Corbyn are united in denying the British people the final say on that future.

MPs from all the mainstream British parties must now come together to defy both of them and get the People’s Vote that we need.

It is the only truly democratic thing to do and the only real way out of this mess.

Let all of us decide whether our future lies with Mrs May’s deal, James Gray’s no deal, or the best deal, the one we have right now inside the European Union.

Cllr Dr Brian Mathew

Prospective Liberal Democrat MP for North Wiltshire