WE had the pleasure of meeting Gerry Watkins the man behind the Big Yellow Bus Project in Cirencester between Christmas and the New Year.

He invited us onto his bus, took us on a tour, and explained what he had done so far and what he aims to achieve with this.

The project is absolutely fantastic and the bus renovation is just brilliant.

And once again, the support from people in Cirencester and surrounding villages and towns has been nothing short of amazing.

No one should be homeless, and it is great to see Gerry and all the volunteers provide a safe and warm environment for people to use, hopefully it will give some people a second chance at life.

It was also relieving to hear that the county council had dropped the charges for both parking tickets.

It was a ridiculous situation and it is only right that common sense prevails.

We know Gerry has some big plans in the near future, and wish him and everyone else who helps with the project the best of luck.