THE Cotswolds has become renowned for wacky events.

From shin-kicking at the Cotswold Olimpicks, to hurling yourself down a hill in pursuit of a Double Gloucester cheese, the area is full of events to satisfy the craziest competitor.

Here are six of the wackiest things you can get up to in 2019.


Bourton in the Water Football in the river - August Bank Holiday

Location: The River Windrush, Bourton on the Water

This event is wet and wacky! It is not entirely clear how the idea of playing a football match in a river first arose, but the tradition has reportedly been going strong for around 100 years.

The Football In The River match takes place in the River Windrush with funds raised going to Bourton Rovers Football Club. Spectators are advised to wear waterproofs.

The match usually kicks off at 4pm when two seven-a-side football teams from Bourton Rovers will take part in the 30 minute match.

A fete is usually held before the match at 11am, with admission free of charge.

See pictures of last year's event here

Shin kicking at the 2016 Cotswold Olimpick Games. Photo: Chris Roberts/ Wider View Photo PRShin kicking at the 2016 Cotswold Olimpick Games. Photo: Chris Roberts/ Wider View Photo PR

The Cotswold Olimpicks - Friday, May 31

Location: Dover’s Hill, Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire

If have always fancied yourself as a champion shin-kicker, then you should put a date in your diary to attend the crazy Cotswold Olimpicks.

This event has a history dating back date to 1612.

Other events include Tug O’ War and hammer throwing.

Visit for full information and history about the event. Tickets will be on sale from March.


Duck Races - assorted dates

Location: Bibury, South Cerney and Lechlade

Duck races have become a colourful spectacle in the Cotswolds in recent years, with South Cerney, Bibury and Lechlade all holding events.

On Boxing Day in Bibury, the cricket club organise a charity duck race on the river Coln where it runs through Bibury.

The event attracts visitors from all over the world and has raised thousands of pounds for charity over the years.

There are two races. The first involves 150 decoy ducks and the second involves over 2000 yellow plastic ducks.

In South Cerney (Monday, May 27) , the Street Fair leads up to the famous duck race where hundreds of ducks race along the river Churn to be crowned the years’ champion and to raise money for charity.

In Lechlade (Monday, May 6) 6,000 decoy ducks are floated down Halfpenny Bridge, raising money for charity.


Tetbury Woolsack Races - Monday, May 27

Location: Tetbury town centre and Gumstool Hill

This event tests fitness fanatics who have a healthy fearless streak.

Spectators will witness competitors hoist heavy sacks over their shoulders and trudge up and down the steep Gumstool Hill, along a challenging 240-yard course.

The event attract huge crowds, who gather in their thousands to cheer from the side-lines or enjoy a range of entertainment on offer.


Cheese rolling competition - Monday, May 27

Location: Cooper’s Hill

If hurling yourself down a hill in pursuit of a cheese is on your to do list, the the annual cheese rolling event is a must for you.

If you fancy yourself a daredevil, then practising for this year’s Gloucestershire’s cheese rolling contest is one way of keeping fit.

The festival sees hundreds of locals flinging themselves down a sleep slope all in the name of Double Gloucester cheese.

Cooper’s Hill has been host to the traditional cheese rolling event since the 1800s, but health and safety concerns meant the event was officially cancelled in 2010.

Since then spectators and loyal competitors continue to descend on Cooper’s Hill, in a bid to keep this world-famous tradition alive.

Only lovers of cheese and sprained ankles should apply.


Tetbury Wacky Races - Monday, May 6

Location: Chipping Street, Tetbury

They don’t come much wackier than the annual Tetbury Wacky Races.

Calamity is the order of the day, in this derby organised for charity by Tetbury Lions.

Speed freaks will enjoy navigating their way around hairpin bends and meandering down the course through the town's historic streets.

Prizes are on offer for every entrant who completes all three courses as well as a special prize for the best-looking design, and shields for the winners of each category too.