A GROUND survey will take place to see if a multi-storey car park can be built in Cirencester.

Cotswold District Council has advised that the survey will take place in the near future at the the Waterloo Car Park site.

The work will involve the boring of holes to ensure it can take the foundations and the load of a multi-storey car park.

It is thought that the work will take around two weeks to complete.

Chair of the Cirencester parking board Cllr Mark Harris explained: “We need to carry out a ground survey to ensure it can take the foundations and the load of a multi-storey car-park.

"Some of the equipment for this job is quite large, but we will keep disruption to a minimum and put up signs informing the public about what is going on.”

Cllr Mark MacKenzie-Charrington responsible for parking in Cirencester said: “We have already commissioned an environmental impact assessment screening opinion for the proposed new car park.

"This will enable independent scrutiny of the project’s impact, as well as providing useful advice about mitigating any potential environmental issues such as flooding, contaminates and ambient noise levels.

"The results of the ground survey will add to all the information available to us for consideration before we submit a planning application.”

A small number of car park spaces will be unavailable during the survey work.

A date for the work has not yet been confirmed by the council.

For more information about the Cirencester Parking Project, go to bit.ly/2Fg50wO