AVOID Fake News in 2019!

In a world of fake news and distortions of the truth it is vital that everyone uses science and facts when making statements and spreading their beliefs.

Regarding the assertions made by David Roe that the EU is corrupt. I stand by my statement that it is no more corrupt than any other western government. The Corruptions Perceptions Index 2017 run by transparency.org which is a survey which ranks 180 countries and territories by their perceived levels of public sector corruption according to experts and businesspeople. The best performing region is Western Europe, what a surprise!

For sure more of the public needed to get involved in the EU elections and I think the Brexit vote has demonstrated how little knowledge lots of the public have of the processes involved. Organsations like UKIP seek to exploit that.

The claim that The Commission holds too much power does not hold up.

“The Commission is more like a civil service, or a secretariat, in that it does all the administrative legwork, but does not actually exercise power, but rather makes proposals to the Council of Ministers and the Parliament which are then implemented.

Many proposals made by the Commission are simply never taken up. Even the areas the Commission works on is set out by the Council of Ministers when the new Commission is created.” It can however be argued that more transparency is required of the EU council itself.

It is interesting that this week that great upholder of world democracy and human rights Vladimir Putin has said it would be undemocratic for the UK to have another EU vote! That's rich!!

I encourage all readers to find out more information for yourself in 2019, check your sources of information, use logic and not listen to propaganda. After all established facts speak for themselves.

Huw Adams