How to get ‘myrrh’ out of your home security this Christmas

THE Master Locksmiths Association - the leading trade association for the locksmithing profession - gives essential advice on home security this festive period.

As the weather turns frosty outside and Christmas presents begin to pile up, so too do the number of burglaries in UK homes, with 2018 shaping up to see burglaries at their highest rate for five years.

Here, the Master Locksmiths Association offer some handy tips to help keep your home and Christmas gifts safe this holiday season.

Dr Steffan George, Managing Director of the MLA, said: “There are a number of things homeowners can do in order to protect their property and valuables over the holiday period, even if they’re away. In matters of security, it’s always important to take professional advice and use third party approved products, as well as meeting any insurance requirements necessary.”

By implementing some basic security measures, you will not only help to protect your family and add value to a property, but you will prevent potential financial and emotional costs as well. Whether you own your home or rent, follow these simple tips to help keep you and your family safe and secure over Christmas:

1. Give the impression someone is in

With the majority of break-ins committed by burglars who live nearby, thieves will notice the only house on the street with no Christmas lights twinkling in the windows.

Investing in timer plugs for your lights will make burglars think twice before trying their luck (unless of course their names are Harry and Marv!).

Also make sure you use or install outdoor electrical sockets for those Christmas lights and, whatever you do - don’t be tempted to run cables for outdoor lights through partially open windows or doors.

2. Be careful with what you’re sharing online

With many people leaving their homes to visit families or to hit the slopes over the festive period, it’s easy to get excited and tell the world what you’re up to.

However, increasingly thieves are identifying homes to target through social media, so always be mindful when sharing your festive snaps and make sure your social media settings are set to private.

3. Invest in home security

Home security and CCTV has never been easier or more discreet to install, with many systems now allowing you to login via your smart phone from wherever you are in the world.

It has also been proven that homes with security systems are 300 per cent less likely to be burgled than those without.

A local MLA-approved security expert can advise you on the best equipment available on the market.

4. Keep gifts out of sight

While most of us love nothing more than to show off our decorating prowess by exhibiting our decorated tree and wrapped presents in the window for all to see, this can be a tempting window shopping opportunity for thieves in the run-up to Christmas.

So, consider keeping presents hidden away from the Grinch – it may also stop you feeling tempted to have a sneaky peak before the 25th!

5. Review your home security in the run-up to Christmas

It’s important to review your home security and insurance documents to ensure everything is in working order and adequate before the festive season begins.

Check that all locks on doors and windows are correctly fitted and functioning, replacing any that are broken.

30 per cent of burglars enter a home through an unlocked window or door[4], so it’s also worth reminding family members to check everything has been locked before leaving the house, or going to sleep at night.

For advice on appropriate locks and security solutions for your property, contact your local MLA-approved locksmith.

Many will also carry out an initial security assessment free of charge.

For a professional security check of your home, visit to find a vetted and qualified locksmith.

The MLA is recognised by organisations such as the government, police and the majority of insurers as the authoritative body for locksmithing, so look out for the MLA approved company logo.

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