FIRE crews battled a blaze at a bungalow in Cirencester.

Although no one was hurt, the building was badly damaged.

Now neighbours are rallying around with offers of help.

The fire started around 12.30pm on Thursday, December 6, at a bungalow in Arnolds Way.

Fire crews attended and put the blaze out.

No one was injured, but it is believed the bungalow has been severely damaged.

The couple are now reported to be staying with friends until housing can be found for them.

The fire has prompted the local community to rally round with offers of help.

A friend of the couple has set up a fundraising appeal the next day. She asked on Facebook for donations to help the couple get on their feet.

She wrote: “My friends lost everything in a house fire yesterday. They helped me eight years ago. Now I would like to help them.”

She has been inundated with offers of everything from clothes to furniture, plates and cutlery, bedding and financial assistance.

Tesco in Kingsmeadow has also donated new underwear for the couple.

The friend of the couple stressed that anything that is given that isn’t needed would be passed on to someone else who needs it.

As offers of help poured in, she said: “I’m overwhelmed by everyone’s kindness, and they will be too. So thank you all.”

A witness at the scene said a neighbours was concerned that someone was inside the bungalow as it burned and smashed a window.

“When it happened I saw a young lad run past. He was followed by paramedics, police and firefighters.

“I think he was concerned about the people living there because he smashed their window.”

Another witness at the scene described how they could see bright orange flames through the window.

“It was so smoky that the firefighters had to put on oxygen tanks before they smashed down the door,” said the witness.

A spokesman for Gloucestershire County Council said: “We were called to a fire at a bungalow on Arnolds Way in Cirencester at around 12.30pm. Three fire engines attended the scene and put the fire out. No one was injured.

Visit to help the couple.