A WARNING has been sent out to parents and carers in Malmesbury over a 'suspicious' man seen taking selfies at school pick up time.

It happened on Tuesday, November 27, as pupils were finishing for the day at a school in Malmesbury.

The school reported that a man had been seen suspiciously outside their school.

In a message sent to parents, carers and other schools in the town, the school said: "He was in the queue at school pick up time and apparently took a selfie with two parents plus a child in the background.

"The police are aware and are investigating."

"We have spoken to the children and reinforced the message they they should never speak or go with strangers.

"Please would you also mention this at home.

"I wold also reiterate the message in yesterday’s newsletter that we do not recommend children of primary school age should walk to school unaccompanied."

A Wiltshire police spokesperson confirmed the incident had been reported but no offence was committed.

"A suspicious incident was reported to the police about a man who had been seen taking pictures outside of the school.

"No offences were committed but we have logged it."