Dear Sir,

SINCE Mrs May returned from Brussels brandishing her "deal" with the EU, there has been a surge in UKIP's membership, particularly here in the Cotswolds.

No surprise, since she seems to have given away Britain's independence to the grey bureaucrats of the Berlaymont.

Under her deal, we will be bound to follow EU rules despite having no say in them; we will have to submit to the rulings of a foreign court; and we will even have to request Brussels' permission to leave this state of limbo.

30 months ago, Britain voted to leave the EU.

We did not vote for a one-sided "deal" which has no benefits for Britain.

We just wanted our independence, our sovereignty, control over our money, freedom from a foreign legal jurisdiction, and the ability to vote out our leaders.

So far, we have none of those things, and Mrs May seems determined that we never will.

I hope that even more of your readers will join the movement towards UKIP - the only party that is unequivocally in favour of a clean Brexit.

Yours sincerely

Chris Harlow


UKIP Cotswolds