IF the application for a Lidl supermarket is approved in Malmesbury it could be quickly followed by a new nursery.

A company that runs children's nurseries in the south west has earmarked the site on the A429 for a new nursery.

Clipper Properties has submitted a letter supporting the Lidl planning application on behalf of the anonymous company as they feel there is 'an urgent need for new children's nursery places in Malmesbury'.

If they were to build in the town, the nursery would provide approximately 80 places for children aged from six months to five years old.

In the letter they say: "Clipper properties LTD has been actively looking for suitable buildings and sites within the town for some time, but unfortunately none are presently available.

"Given the lack of existing options, we are now considering development opportunities in order to satisfy this requirement.

"We require a bespoke building of up to 5,000 square feet and we believe this site near the entrance to the proposed LIDL supermarket would be an ideal opportunity for this."

Clipper Properties have been in discussion with the landowner, and they plan to bring forward a scheme for planning approval in the near future.

However they only believe that is possible if the Lidl planning application for a new supermarket is approved.

"They (Lidl) will be delivering the required infrastructure to make the site viable and accessible whilst investing to being in all of the required utilities and services to the site, as well as providing safe pedestrian access to the site.

"This is a letter to support the planning application for the erection of the new Lidl store the lane east of the A429 which would help bring our children's nursery operator to the town.

In their closing sentence, the company says they would welcome a discussion with the planners about the availability of such proposal.