SEASON ticket charges have come into force this week across Wiltshire that will see rises of up to 70 per cent for season ticket holders in council-run car parks.

Residents going to renew their season tickets have expressed their shock at the price hikes that see up to a £300 increase for some yearly passes.

In Burnham Road Car Park in Malmesbury, prices will rise from £260, to £360 and then £540 in November 2019.

In all towns season tickets will increase and residents have said that they find the decision unfair without reason or warning.

Tom Bowerman runs the Wild Food Co on the High Street alongside his wife Anne.

He said: “The biggest issue I have with this is the overnight doubling of the fee, without any obvious advance warning.

“Those of us who work in the town have no choice to but to pay these fees and as a local business owner, I don’t appreciate the fact that I have not been able to factor this huge increase into our finance planning for the coming months due to the complete lack of a warning.

Wiltshire Council delivered the news last week as they announced that it would be abandoning plans to introduce parking fees on Sundays and bank holidays.

The move came after considerable public pressure for the plans to be scrapped, which included a petition signed by over 2,000 people over the course of a fortnight.

Malmesbury mayor Fran Vandelli said: “The pressure resulting from the petition and campaigning so far has brought about a partial suspension of Wiltshire’s planned parking charges, but the issue hasn’t yet been scrutinised by Wiltshire’s cabinet or full council.

“There is still work to do and I’d be grateful if everyone would continue to support the campaign and petition so that new parking charges will be reviewed.”

Wiltshire councillor for Malmesbury Gavin Grant is also concerned about the charges.

He said: “We are concerned about the impact on our towns that these parking changes will have on the high street.

“The season tickets increases are a concern for us, it means that people who have very little choice over parking will be forced to pay more.

“The changes will mean that people will have to choose whether to come to one of our town to do their shopping or enjoy a coffee or go somewhere else where there aren’t the charges.”

Wiltshire Council however, maintain that the season ticket offers exceptional value for money compared to the daily charge.

A spokesperson for Wiltshire Council said: "A full public consultation was carried out on the proposed changes to parking arrangements between 26 April and 21 May 2018.

"In addition to that, a public consultation was carried out on 28 September to 23 November 2017.

"A cabinet meeting was held on 30 January 2018 which was a further opportunity for the public and stakeholders to make further comments.

"Season ticket prices have not increased for some time, there was an inflationary increase of daily parking charges in Feb 2018.

"A season ticket still offers exceptional value when compared to the daily charge.

"All day charge in station road CP Malmesbury is £4.50. If you use the car park five days a week its £22.50. And if you use it for four weeks its £90.

"Season ticket costs £30 per month.

To sign the petition, go to