Dear Editor

WHAT on Earth is wrong with CDC with regard the Chesterton Application.

Determined to thwart any opposition the developers Bathurst hire a London PR Company who try to silence Save Our Cirencester .

CDC hire an eminent QC at a cost to us of over £30000 and decline to inform us why he was hired and what he had to say.

CDC is supposed to represent the people of Cirencester.

They are evasive, obstructive,deceitful, arrogant and patronising and have absolutely no time for any of us who have the right to question the size of The Chesterton Development and impact that it will have on Cirencester .

We all have a right to question decisions that will impact on us all and CDC should start to show the people of Cirencester respect and not treat us all like second rate citizens !!!

Nigel Massey