Dear Editor

YET ANOTHER crass decision made by Wiltshire County Council in that they have decided to make us pay for parking in the main car parks on Sundays. What justification is there in doing this?

Town Councillors can protest as much as they like but it is unlikely that the decision will be reversed, WCC members are politicians, they never listen to anybody except themselves.

There was a suggestion that car parks should be boycotted during the week, perhaps not very helpful as the side streets would most likely be cluttered up with vehicles.

Perhaps a better solution would be for everybody to park on Sundays and not pay. It would be interesting to see how traffic wardens would handle it if the car parks are full and how the WCC would react.

I don't suppose that any consideration has been made to those who are disabled and rely on cars to get around.

Come on WCC, use your brains for once, listen to and respect the wishes of those that you are supposed to serve.

David Ashford