LOCAL people will be dismayed at the refusal of Cotswold Distirct Council - reported in last week's Standard - to the freedom of information request by Save Our Cirencester for information about the engagement of a London QC to give advice on the Chesterton application.

I attended the council meetings in September and January when it was clear that the advice given by the QC was a powerful influence on the vote to approve the Chesterton planning application.

The council has refused to divulge the information and even though they accept that there is a public interest in disclosure they say this is outweighed by legal professional privilege.

Why on earth would they take such a position especially when they know that their position can be challenged by applying to the Information Commissioner for a decision?

To avoid the impression that the council are indifferent to public concerns and trying to keep something to themselves they should make the information public now.

Patrick Moylan