THERE will be no further pedestrianisation of the Market Cross area in Malmesbury.

In June this year, Malmesbury Town Council sought the views of residents, shops, businesses and visitors about the idea.

It all came after a suggestion that the area around the Market Cross should be pedestrianised.

The council took the suggestion seriously, given its importance to the town and potential costs involved.

They asked for views on options ranging from no pedestrianisation other than for the Friday Market and special events as at present, suspension of parking for some weekends and Sundays, through to permanent pedestrianisation that would see the loss of the nine free car parking places.

A pilot survey took place throughout June asking Malmesbury residents for their views on a potential pedestrianisation of the Market Cross area.

Results were released in August and 70% of residents in the survey voted for no more pedestrianisation than at present.

A full report however was postponed so the town council could evaluate the results of the survey and present a full report at the next planning committee.

In view of this overwhelming response, Malmesbury Town Council has decided: “That no further action is taken re pedestrianisation of the Market Cross, subject to future circumstances indicating there has been a change of opinion or need.”