Dear Sir.

In response to Suzanne Jones of the Cotswold Green Party regarding banning 50 calibre rifles for civilian use (Wilts and Glos Standard, October 25) S Jones states that Mr Clifton Brown should not be backing the civilian sport shooting of the 50 cal rifles and has put in an amendment to the bill to prevent this.

She states that these rifles are capable of destroying a vehicle at one mile.

I don't know where she got her information from but she should get it right before writing and complaining about them.

The military have access to AP rounds (armoured piercing) and many other rounds which are capable of causing a lot of damage to buildings and vehicles at a mile (if one could hit a target at this range).

Civilians do not have access to such ammunition and therefore, could not possibly cause the damage she is talking about.

She also states, it is good to get these rifles off the street. Has she seen a 50 cal rifle?

They are huge and you would not want to carry one around with you!

Not once have these rifles been used by terrorists or criminals because of their size. She also states that the police say they will be outgunned by such a rifle.

The police usually use 5.56 rifles. As a sporting rifle shooter we use many calibres which will outgun a 5.56 rifle.

People like her have no knowledge of weapons and will be only be happy when all civilian shooting is banned.

It would be far better to get the weapons off the criminals and gangs on our streets. This should be a priority, and not pick on those people who are vetted to hold a Fire Arms Certificate by the police and doctors.

We are easy targets (excuse the pun). It is far more difficult to get the guns off the criminals.

Yours faithfully.

William Walsh