The following planning applications were registered with Cotswold District Council between 15.10.18 and 21.10.18.

Ampney Crucis: Ash House Bungalow, T1 - 2 x Hazel - coppice, T2 - Common Ash - fell due to Honey Fungus, T3 - Hazel - clear back from wall by 2m, T4 - Weeping Willow - fell, T5 - Weeping Willow - fell, T6 - Silver Birch in decline - fell.

Bibury: Pigeon House, Packhorse Lane, T1 (smoke bush) - crown thin of c.20% volume, T2 (Laburnum) - carry out a crown reduction of c.2m top height and c.1m radial spread, prune by way of drop-crotching to retain natural form; Bibury Court Hotel, Church Road, relocation of approved shed and new mobile stables; The Walled Garden, Church Road, proposed gates.

Burford: Lower House, Little Barrington, T1 - Black Walnut - prune back (in accordance with submitted specification), T2 - unknown species - reduce dead sections, reduce over-extended and split lateral canopy sections (in accordance with submitted specification).

Chedworth: Winterwell House, Cheap Street, T1 - Ash - fell.

Cirencester: 17 St Peters Road, Silver Birch - located at the rear of property - remove branches that are overhanging the neighbours roof, clear roof by 1m; Abbey House, Gosditch Street, T1 - Yew (at end of block 6 in car park between garages 22 & 23) - 10-15% reduction way from building and to lighten and balance the shape of the canopy, no specific height reduction needed, T2 & T3 - Hornbeam, T4 - Yew, Shrubs 5 -various - branches from trees and shrubs in need of pruning away from the wall, clear around street light and reduce overhang from footpath on Gosditch Street - approx reduction of 4 feet in all on pruning to clear; Manor Cottage, Lower End, Daglingworth, maple (located at front of property) - reduce back to old pruning points, lift the lower crown by 2m remove sucker growth from lower trunk; Springboard Childrens Centre, Trinity Road, False Acacia (WPS-00001) - remove deadwood and reduce crown by 20%, sever ivy and remove to fork, Common Hornbeam (WPS-00005) - lift crown to 3m and thin by 10%, remove deadwood, Horse Chestnut (WPS-00007) - lift crown and remove dangerous limbs Elder (WPS-00010) - fell as it is damaging the fence onto the public highway, Raywood Ash (WPS-00011) - fell tree as despite remedial works this tree continues to shed branches adjacent to a public footpath, Willow sp. (WPS-00025) - pollard at 2m as it is damaging the roof, Common Lime (WPS-00028) - remove sucker growth and clear ivy to crown break, Common Lime (WPS-00031) - remove sucker growth, lift crown to 4m and clear ivy to crown break; Wheelwrights, 23 Barnsley, T1 (Sorbus) - dead - fell and stump grind; 41 Hatherop, T1 - Silver Birch - 3m overall crown reduction; Nutrition Centre, 22 Castle Street, change of use from A1 (shop) to A3 (cafe); Nutrition Centre, 22 Castle Street, internal and external alterations to form a A3 cafe/coffee shop.

Duntisbourne Rouse: The Old House, Middle Duntisbourne, compliance with condition 3 (paint colour) of permission 13/01044/FUL and consent 13/01045/LBC - internal and external alterations including erection of link between main house and adjacent barn.

Fairford: Fern House, Park Street, T1 - Laburnum - take out, T2 - Conifer - take out.

Kemble: 161 Church Road, T1 - cherry - reduce by 30% and shape, T2 - cherry - reduce by 30% and shape, T3 - apple - reduce down to old pruning cuts.

Lechlade: Tollgate House, Downington, T1 - Prunus pissardii - reduce by approx 1/4 leaving 4m height, T2 - Hazel (multi-stemmed clump) - remove largest stem, T3 - Copper Beech - reduce all over by 30cm, T4 - apple - reduce by 60cm all over, T5 - Hazel (multi-stemmed clump) - reduce east side by 2m over lawn, T6 - Maple - reduce canopy by 1m all over, back to old pruning points, T7 - Silver Maple - reduce canopy by 1m all over.

Meysey Hampton: Old Farmhouse, 17 Church Street, maple (T1) - 30% crown reduction, maple (T2)-30% crown reduction, Sycamore(T3) - 30% crown reduction, 'Silver Birch(T4) - 25% crown reduction, cherry (T5 and 6) - 30% crown reduction, Sycamore (T7 and 8) - 30% crown reduction, Willow (T9) -30% crown reduction.

Moreton-in-Marsh: 5 Rose Terrace, Horn Lane, Evenlode, willow - requires pollarding because it is overhanging neighbour's property and electrical cables; Sunlock, Evenlode Road, insertion of conservation rooflight in loft re permission 14/04552/FUL - demolition of existing house and garage and construction of 3 new dwellings.

Quenington: Shepherds Rest, 6 Springfield Road, T1 - Ash - fell.

Rodmarton: Old Rectory, T1 - Horse Chestnut - 3m height reduction and 1-2m lateral reduction; T1 - Wellingtonia - fell.

Sherborne: Lindens, T1 - dismantle multi stem tree located at the back of property, middle of lawn, T2 - cherry tree - lift all round by 2-2.5 m and thin by 20%, remove deadwood and reduce upper crown to give shape, T3 - remove small Mohonia located at the side of property, T4 - dismantle Juniper located at the front of property, T5 - prune Rowan located at the front of property - remove all sucker growth from base of tree to expose trunk, T6 - prune viburnum group located at the front drive - all to have a rustic trim, T7 - lime - lift lower crown to clear 2 m over annex roof; Sherborne Cemetery, Flowering Cherry tree - fell.

Somerford Keynes: Somerford Keynes House, The Street, T1 - Holm Oak on the drive - 2m lateral reduction on lower limb on the east side.

South Cerney: South Cerney Bowling Green, remove Horse Chestnut.

Stow-on-the-Wold: 24 Maugersbury Park, replacement of existing fence.

Tarlton: Village Green, Sandpool Lane, semi mature copper beech - raise crown by approximately 1 meter by pruning lower limbs back to trunk and lopping branches which dangle from above, the low height of the crown is impeding social use of the green and the seat positioned underneath the copper beech, grass growth is sparse, the intention is to improve the amenity of the tree by modest work and to enhance the amenity of the green.

Tetbury: 21 Cirencester Road, T1 - Cedar of Lebanon - reduction by approx. a third of the canopy and shape, the branches are starting to impede on the road, growing into the power lines, and becoming overbearing.

Upper Rissington: 14 Bristol Road, Cotoneaster - prune.

The following planning applications were registered with North Wiltshire District Council between 15.10.18 and 21.10.18.

Ashton Keynes: Old Manor Farm, North End, 30% crown reduction to Goat Willow; Grove Farm, High Road, re-pollard 1 Willow Tree (T1); 2 Park End, fell 1 Lawson Cypress.

Cricklade: London House, 41 High Street, up to 3 metre reduction to oak tree (T1), fell 1 Lawson (T2), pollard 1 Horse Chestnut at 4 metres (T3), fell 1 Holm Oak (T4) and fell 1 Pear (T5).

Luckington: Avondale Brook End, demolition of an existing bungalow and the construction of a two storey detached house and double garage.

Malmesbury: 115 High Street, fell 1 Laburnum, 10% crown reduction and thin to 2 apple trees, and crown lift to 3 metres from ground level and 25% crown reduction to 1 Silver Birch; Easton Grey House, Easton Grey, fell 1 dead lime tree; 2 Storey Mews, single storey rear extension; 20A Oxford Street, addition of downstairs cloakroom by sectioning off area of existing kitchen (retention of).