Dear Editor

TWO weeks ago, I wrote a letter to the Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard urging people to go on the march on October 20 for a “People’s Vote on the Final Brexit Deal”.

No one expected the colossal numbers which brought central London to a standstill with an estimated 700,000 people compared with upwards of a hundred thousand that was predicted beforehand.

There was a good local turnout with three packed coaches picking up from Gloucester, Stroud and Cirencester organised by Glostay. The number of people who had turned up from across the UK meant that we had to wait two hours before we really got going and all the speeches had long since finished by the time we arrived in Parliament Square.

However, this did not take anything away from the magnitude of the occasion.

The individual statements being made by people reflecting a huge range of diversity were very different in their concerns about Brexit. However, there was a unity in the belief that a second vote needed to take place.

Former leave voters as well as committed remainers like myself now had more than enough evidence to appreciate the havoc that would come from Brexit.

A good deal was just not going to happen and we wanted a chance to stop it before it was too late.

More information about Glostays and how to join up to help ensure the UK stays in the EU is available here

Yours sincerely

Peter Wiggin