PUPILS from a school in the Cotswolds took time out of their busy school day to visit a Malmesbury care home at the start of the month to better understand life from an older person’s viewpoint.

Year 5 and 6 students from Chestnut Class at Kemble Primary School spent time at Athelstan House Care Home in Malmesbury on Monday, October 1, enjoying a range of activities with residents and helping to forge links.

The morning began with the children putting on a short musical concert for the residents.

This included a version of ‘You are my Sunshine’ on guitar which proved very popular with the whole audience.

A range of activities were laid on for the children and residents to enjoy and experience together including gardening, biscuit decoration, making cards and bookmarks.

There was a World War 2 themed activity, during which children heard first-hand about the experiences of the residents during the war. They talked about rationing and life in general during that time.

Pupils were also able to have a go at some simple code breaking.

The visit was a deemed a great success, and the school is hoping to repeat it with the younger children at Kemble and perhaps return again in the summer term.

Freya and Matilda, aged nine said: “It was really fun meeting the residents. We were surprised how much they enjoyed doing the same activities as us.”

Carol Dougill, Kemble headteacher said: “This is a very good example of how our children are working with the local community. It furthered their understanding of how life was different for children in the past as well as being rewarding for everyone.

“The children were delighted to be welcomed so warmly, and were chatty to the residents.”