Dear Editor

Re March for a Peoples Vote on the Final Brexit Deal

A majority of the public now support having a final say on the Brexit deal. It is becoming more apparent day by day that Brexit will do nothing to improve social justice, reduce inequality, increase our standard of living, or create a better future for us and future generations.

Since the referendum in 2016, new evidence has come to light that no one could have known at the time when the vote took place on what we were once told would be “the easiest deal in history”. We now know the true cost of the divorce bill, as well as the impact of Brexit on the NHS, workers’ rights and public services. It is no surprise that the “will of the people” has shifted to remain.

The referendum gave no mandate for a disastrous no-deal Brexit and a bad deal will be in no ones’ interests. That is why it is so important to allow people to change their minds. In short if it is not the right deal for Britain’s future, we should be able to reject it and decide to remain in the European Union.

We all have opportunity to make our voices heard. That is why I will be going to London on 20th October to march for a “Peoples Vote on the Final Brexit Deal” and travelling by coach from Cirencester. If you want to book a place you will need to do this as quickly as possible and this is best done by email to of Glostays for the local area and The Peoples Vote Campaign website provides information about the event and travel arrangements throughout the country.

Your sincerely

Peter Wiggin