Former Arsenal and Football Association vice-chairman David Dein visited Marling School on Friday, October 5.

Dein, who spent 24 years at Arsenal, challenged and motivated Economics and Business Studies sixth form students in a talk at the school last week.

Th 75-year-old famously appointed Arsene Wenger, who went on to be one of England’s most successful football managers. He also oversaw the introduction of one of the first all-seater stadiums following the Hillsborough disaster and promoted and supported women’s professional football.

He was instrumental in setting up the Premier League in 1992, which increased the profile and profits of the top clubs and turned English football into a high-performing business.

Since leaving football, Dein has been touring as part of the ‘Speakers for Schools’ programme, providing students with his views on motivation and inspiration based on his experience in football. He spoke to students about the financial aspects of running football clubs including foreign-ownership, funding changes and levels of debt within the game.

Steve Farr, Head of Sixth Form at Marling, said: “Even though I’m an Everton supporter, I was thrilled to welcome David to speak to our students.

"He brought a very personal insight into the business workings of football and an inspirational reminder to all students to work hard, be resilient and strive for their dreams, no matter how difficult they may seem."