A GLAMOROUS charity gala ball was held in Cirencester last weekend in support of a charity which supports hundreds of people facing mental health challenges.

The event, which took place at the Bingham Hall on Saturday night was attended by nearly 200 people who were keen to support the crucial work that Ipsum does.

Additionally they enjoyed some top class entertainment from opera singers, danced to music provided by Mitch Winehouse and his fabulous jazz band, and were entranced by an incredible performance by musical genius Derek Paravicini.

As part of the evening guests had the opportunity to hear about the charity’s work supporting wellbeing and providing stability for those who are experiencing mental health challenges.

Caroline Andrew took to the stage to provide an insight into how the organisation, which provides counselling and therapy through arts and music had provided her with crucial support when she was struggling with depression and loneliness.

“When I arrived at Ipsum I felt lost,” Caroline told the packed room. “I had no identity, and I felt physically and mentally isolated.”

“Their secret weapon was their art room, and spending time in there helped my mind to find balance.”

Another woman who the charity had helped, Steph Collins, eloquently explained how the staff and volunteers at the organisation had helped her overcome her ‘suffocating depression’ enabling her to start her teacher training course.

Charity director Julie Mattinson told the Standard that the evening had helped to raise vital funds which would help the organisation continue to support hundreds of people.

“We are overwhelmed by how well the evening went and the support that people gave us,” Julie said.

“In order to continue doing our work we rely on the generosity of donors - funding is becoming increasingly difficult to come by, and yet more and more people need our support.”

Although the evening raised a staggering £21,000 for the fantastic charity, Julie explained that the organisation was finding itself needed in more and more areas.

"I can't quite believe how much we raised," Julie told The Standard.

"This will help us to answer some of the requests we are now receiving to work with schools throughout Wiltshire and Gloucestershire - if we can help children now, we may be able to prevent some mental health issues in the future."

For more details about the work that Ipsum does and how you can support them visit www.ipsum.care