ARMED police were called to a popular Cirencester park on Sunday morning after reports of a gun shot.

Witnesses were stunned to see the police in Cirencester’s Abbey Grounds, many of whom were reported to be armed.

Additionally, a reporter from The Standard confirmed that a police helicopter was circling the town for several hours.

However after arriving on the scene, police were able to quickly determine that it was in fact a toy gun.

A spokesperson for Gloucestershire Police said: “We attended the Abbey Grounds in Cirencester yesterday afternoon after reports of a firearm being discharged.

“But following further enquiries we were able to determine that it was a toy gun.”

The spokesperson explained that although the outcome of the situation had been positive, given the nature of the call offices had to take it seriously and responded appropriately.

It is believed that the call was made in good faith, and was not intended as a hoax.

The incident comes just under a week after a major police chase through the town which involved helicopters, police dogs and ‘armed police’.