IT WOULD appear that there are to be two more coffee shops in Cirencester in the near future, one in Cricklade Street and the other possibly where Catto Carter were situated next to the Parish Church in the Market Place.

This would bring the total number of coffee shops up to something like 34 minimum with more, I'm sure that I cannot recollect!

Now I feel that there is plenty of room for more as this council seems hell bent on over-bearing us with these facilities. One could be placed on top of the Church Tower, there is surely room for at least eight more in the modified area of the Market Square. House of Fraser is quite a large building soon to be vacated, this would surely serve to have another 10 coffee shops?

The Abbey Grounds seems untouched by all this commercial activity and will easily cater for another 20 coffee shops and perhaps another three or four Fish and Chip shops.

We are inundated by food and drink outlets, such a shame that car-parking could not be so easily obtainable and thereby create yet more opportunities for Coffee Shops in the town.

My question to our Council would be why are you permitting our town to be swallowed up by such premises?

We are not as alone I believe many other towns in the Uk have a similar burden on their streets. It is high time that we all complained with our feet and cease to frequent these places, they are highly priced too.

Is there something I am missing or is the scourge of coffee shops beneficial to any of us.

If so then surely about six would be sufficient. If not then let's build more and more until the streets are full of nothing but coffee shops and there is no room for normal retail developments.

Tony Clack