THE long awaited Agriculture Bill, which aims to deliver a cleaner and healthier environment for future generations, was put before parliament on September 12, 2018.

It offers the farming community some guidance as to what financial support will be available what form this will take.

Brexit could be an opportunity for the UK to shape our own agricultural policy, however it is imperative that the government take a considered approach to get the package right.

Key features of the bill include:

• Direct subsidy payments will be phased out by 2027

• Direct payments will be delinked from the requirement to own land

• From 2021 all direct payments will be reduced. Initial deductions will range from five per cent for claims up to £30,000 to 25 per cent for claims over £150,000

• Environmental payments will be delivered via individual environmental land management contracts

“The starting gun has been fired,” said Ross Murray, Chairman of Knight Frank’s Rural Asset Management team.

“This is the most significant piece of legislation for farming since 1947 and will form a critical piece of the post Brexit landscape after the UK withdraws from the EU and the CAP.”

Hollie says: “Landowners have been given longer to reshape their businesses to cope with the loss of direct payments, but meaningful change takes time and businesses should start planning now. It is significant that payments after 2021 will be delinked from landownership. This offers interesting possibilities for those planning to retire, expand or enter the farming industry. The new environmental schemes are also clearly going to favour those landowners who come up with pro-active environmental plans. Given the pressure on the public finances I believe those who engage the earliest will benefit the most as the funding pot for farming will surely shrink.”

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