ALL SAINTS Church in Leigh near Cricklade was built in 1250 on a site half a mile from where it is today.

In 1896 the Nave, Porch and Bell Tower were moved from the original building along with three bells dating from 1450,1627 and 1729.

The lovely Chancel is still standing on the old Waterhay site.

All Saints was moved because many of the congregation could not access Morning Prayers because of incessant flooding of the nearby Thames.

Faced with possible closure of a church that has a special place in the hearts of us all, it was resolved to try and raise sufficient funds to modernise certain aspects of the church to enable it to play a wider role in the village.

Under the guidance of a resolute Hugh Thomas, Leigh has witnessed a myriad of promotions and ideas from a highly successful SAS Raffle (with quite superb prizes) to a Monthly Draw, from Harvest Festival Service and Christmas Carols to other imaginative Events .. and the modernisation programme is starting to take off.

Thank you Hugh !!

From us all here in Leigh.

Nigel Massey