“TO see ourselves as others see us” is one of the few lines written by Scots poet Robbie Burns I can understand.

A few months ago Penny and I watched Prince Harry and Megan Markle’s wedding on CNN.

We were on holiday in Italy and found the perceptive and inquiring commentary enlightening.

Three questions were asked that were very relevant.

The first was what is a minor royal?

The second was how many are there?

The third was the most important, how much do they cost?

These quotations are especially important as we head for what is termed another royal wedding as Princess Eugenie is to marry fiancé Jack Brooksbank. Of course I wish them well both on the day and in the future, but I have one concern.

Who will pay for all the pomp, circumstance and security?

If the happy couple are given a title following their nuptials (Duke and Duchess of Herefordshire perhaps) my simple questioning will turn to ire.

This is why every time I drive past Gatcombe Park I give a cheer. Perhaps Princess Anne has the right idea.

We do not hear about Prince Peter or Princess Zara as there are no royal titles for her children.

They have to make their own way in the world.

We know them as Mr and Mrs Phillips and Mr and Mrs Tindall.

How refreshing an example the Princess Royal has set.

She has set a shining benchmark for others to follow.

The example Teresa May set a few weeks ago was anything but that.

She was seen making an exaggerated curtsey, not to the Queen but to Prince William.

Come off it Theresa! You are the elected head of a democratically elected government.

This forelock tugging gesture gives the wrong signal concerning the relationship between Monarchy and State. You do not have to show such deference. Does anyone?

Jennie Bond, for some years BBC royal correspondent, never showed such subservience.

A small bow was sufficient for her when meeting the Queen, and there were never any problems.

Perhaps Prince William embarrassed at Mrs May making such a gesture and had a subsequent quiet word.

Never again Theresa please.

Remember the dignity of your own position and your standing as head of state.