A MUCH-loved veterinary practice in Cirencester, originally founded by Anthony Bowyer, is closing its doors at the end of this week. 

Corinium Veterinary Surgery in Whitworth Road, Cirencester, will shut permanently on September 28 and is offering pet owners the chance to relocate to Clockhouse Surgery in Nailsworth.

Pet owners were informed of the news by letter and were told that it was “due to circumstances outside of our control”.

Anthony Bowyer, retired from the practice in 2014 and it operated under the umbrella of Independent Vet Care, which has its headquarters in Keynsham, Bristol.

Pet owners will now automatically have their records transferred to the Clockhouse Vets in Nailsworth but for those unable or unwilling to make the move, records will be transferred to a local vet of choice.

Dr Bettina Gruninger, senior veterinary surgeon at Corinium Veterinary Surgery said: “We are all terribly sad and disappointed. We put a lot of emphasis on customer care and have a lovely and loyal client base.

“I suppose it wasn’t working as a business. There is a lot of competition and we are tucked away a bit.”

She confirmed that she would not be joining the team at Clockhouse Surgery. “The staff here don’t know where they are going yet. None of us want to travel. We like being local.

“We will miss our customers terribly, “ she said.