ON AUGUST 6 in the Brewery Car Park, Cirencester I was handed a ticket by another driver. I put it on the passenger seat and purchased my own ticket for £3 for three hours and returned within the allotted time.

On my window was a PCN stating I had purchased a ticket to extend my time.

I did no such thing and only displayed my own ticket which I purchased around 12.25. I appealed but have lost and have paid a fine of £25. If I had challenged the decision and lost it would have cost me £50. It would have been physically impossible to extend my time as I only reached the car park around 12.15.

The over zealous car park attendant must have spied the given ticket on the passenger seat and assumed the offence. It seems it is wrong to accept a ticket, but the point is that I did not used it and legally purchased my own.

The letter from the Appeals authority states there is no evidence to prove the ticket on the passenger seat wasn’t used which implies that I am dishonest. I have paid £25 for nothing and am very angry.

This is a way for petty bureaucrats to make money for themselves and the Councils who employ them.

So, motorists in Cirencester beware, do not accept tickets even if you do not use them and buy your own as you could be liable for a fine.

Yours faithfully

Charmaine Horley