North Wiltshire MP James Gray paid tribute to all those involved in the aftermath of the Salisbury incident in parliament on Wednesday (September 12).

Representing all seven members of parliament for Wiltshire, Mr Gray said:

“The first thing I think we should do is pay enormous tribute to the emergency services in Wiltshire, in particular the ambulance service, the Odstock Hospital workers and the police."

Mr Gray also praised the army as well as the defense science and technology laboratory at Porton Down.

After recognising the work of Wiltshire Council the MP highlighted the efforts of his 'noble friend', Baroness Scott of Bybrook.

She had been "very strong in the support she has given the people of Salisbury and the rest of the county in the aftermath of the event,” the MP told the those gathered at the House of Commons.

However, Mr Gray said it was important not to 'exaggerate the effect that these incidents have had on the people of Salisbury, Amesbury and the surrounding district.'

"They were, of course, appalling incidents and there was a real feeling at the time of concern that the effect might be wider than it turned out to be," he explained.

The MP continued by explaining that although tourism rates had fallen after the attacked - the town is recovering rapidly.

"The people of Salisbury are resilient in every way," he said.

"I do not think that we should talk Salisbury down.

"The people of Salisbury are well able to handle this," he told those present during the session in parliament.