AN AUTUMNAL treat for our readers as the weather turns a little chillier - and damper - here are some of the new arrivals that were born at Cotswold Wildlife Park, near Burford last month.

August saw zebra foals, a rare sailfin chameleon and twin cabybara pups joining the rest of the animal family at the wildlife park which boasts over 260 different species of animals.

Pictured in our galleries above is a tiny sailfin chameleon which hatched in June at the popular attraction.

The Chameleon is the first ever to have been bred at the park and there are only two collections in the UK.

Also included in the lovely photos are twin capybara pups born to parents Belle and Ollie on August 5.

Capybara's are the largest rodent species in the world.

Perhaps our favourite in the office are eight week old penguin chicks Bob and Marley who are currently being hand-reared at the Cotswold Wildlife Park.

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