RESIDENTS are being reminded to voice their opinions on a proposal to introduce new parking charges in Malmesbury.

Wiltshire Council announced the plans in May to have another look at introducing the charges, despite a previous consultation being rejected.

The authority owns Malmesbury’s two main car park at Station Yard and the Cross Hayes in the town centre.

If approved by the cabinet, Malmesbury would be one of 14 town's that would see the introduction of car parking charges for Sundays and bank holidays.

The proposal infuriated councillors and traders, as they feared it would have a detrimental impact on trade.

Malmesbury mayor Fran Vandelli sent a letter to strongly object while town councillor Gavin Grant labelled the potential changes as ‘foolish’.

A Wiltshire Council spokesman said at the time: “We work in partnership with many towns who fund free parking opportunities and shopper redemption schemes.

"We would be pleased to discuss any of these arrangements with town councils. Off-street car park funding also supports vital services.

"Any charges must recognise all the benefits provided by our parking facilities.”

The plan has not yet been discussed by Wiltshire Council's cabinet yet.

Wiltshire councillor for Malmesbury, Gavin Grant said: "When it is, I will go and object to it.

"If they still bring it to the full Wiltshire Council meeting, I will speak out and vote against it.

"Please add your voice to mine and our town council's by emailing me at

"Hopefully together we can get this plan dropped."