THREE North Wiltshire parish councils have received life-saving defibrillators from a Malmesbury community group.

The three councils received the funding from Malmesbury League of Friends to install the defibrillators in their villages.

Brokenborough, Little Somerford and Corston, which is within Malmesbury St Paul’s Without Parish Council, all responded to the offer earlier this year.

Many other parish councils already have defibrillators, with others considering the offer of £1,500 each towards their installation.

Bob Tallon, chairman of Brokenborough Parish Council, said: “ We are very grateful to have received this help in placing this life-saving facility in the centre of the village.”

Malmesbury League of Friends chairman David Hide said: “We are delighted to have helped towards the installation of defibrillators in these three villages. "We’d like to hear from any other local parish councils who do not currently have one.”

The defibrillators have been designed for use by untrained members of the public.

If someone in your company, office, or workplace, suffers from a cardiac arrest, you should ring 999, when you will be told the location of the nearest defibrillator, together with a simple code to gain access.

A simple set of instructions will then enable any layperson to begin treatment immediately before professional help arrives.