YOUNG people do not want to use social media to speak to the council and called for there to be more youth workers to help children gain support and help.

Children from the Wiltshire Assembly of Youth, the Youth Safeguarding Board and the Children in Care Council, spoke to Wiltshire Council as part of research on how to engage with teenagers and vulnerable groups.

Young people said official buildings felt too formal and youth workers should go out to schools and youth clubs to work with vulnerable youths.

Speaking about the findings to Wiltshire Council’s Children’s Select Committee, senior commissioning officer, Leanne Field said: “Young people said we want to talk to youth workers and we want them to come to us and build a trust relationship.”

“As a council I think we are guilty of not feeding back to people when we have asked for their opinion and saying thanks.

Young people feel like they are telling us something over and over again and it can feel like we aren’t listening to them, even if changes have been informed from their comments. ”