AT LONG last a sensible possible answer to the parking problem in Cirencester is suggested in your Standard of August 9. Let us hope the suggestion is carried forward to erect a multi-storey car park where the present police station and its Magistrates court currently stand.

In the past there was mention that the police station could be moved to share the fire station, which would give the police a much easier way out when setting off on emergency calls, than is the present case.

The thought that a joint pact by the police authority and the council of the package of the Forum car park and the police station / magistrate buildings, is a source of concern, a developer might well over-ride and build more shops, which the town hardly needs.

Converting the police station complex is the ideal strategy, to eliminate the parking problem in the town. It is central, would cause much less of a problem whilst being converted than the alternative idea of decking the Waterloo (witness the problem over the last month or so in the Waterloo whilst the gas main has been updated).

Also of course if the Waterloo was to be decked, space would have to be found for some 240 cars, whilst the alternations were being affected. Traffic would flow more easily to and fro to a more central car park than would be the case if the Waterloo was to be decked to take more cars than at present.

What is now being considered on this matter is a thoroughly practical solution to Cirencester’s parking problem and I hope it will be fulfilled.

M Goss