Dear Editor

WITH reference to the letter in the Wilts and Glos Standard, August 9, complaining about cyclists. I find it sad that Down Ampney Parish Council objects to the presence of Cyclists.

These, in the main, are local people having fun, getting fit, and taking exercise as per NHS guidelines.

You will see all generations having fun. The ‘Chaos’ lasts for a few hours- and in general the first hours are early before too many people are up and about.

In general cyclists do not carry and drop litter. They are not polluting the atmosphere with petrol and diesel fumes. They are an occasional group rather than the regular rat run motorists through Down Ampney.

For a few hours could Down Ampney not ‘join in’ and add a clap and a cheer and perhaps offer the Marshalls a mug of tea on a Sunday morning? If you look closely you will find that the Marshalls ensure no litter is left in their area.

Think yourself lucky- you could live here with REGULAR- illegal parking- reckless parking-illegal camping- illegal swimming- broken trees- loud music plus tons and tons of rubbish.

Take a deep breath Down Ampney and perhaps listen to the Proclaimers Angry Cyclist recent release and think about another point of view.

It can be pretty scary on a bike.

Wendy Wood

Somerford Keynes