I READ a comment recently on Facebook praising the Council for the fine upkeep and high standards of St Michaels field, Robert Heaven writes.

The comment reminded me of the other recreational areas in Ciren and happy times spent at the City Bank, the Four Acres and the Abbey Grounds.

The City bank, bounded by the old Mill and the river Churn which flows alongside the remnants of the old Roman wall around Ciren belonged formerly to the Chester-Master family.

With various grants of money the 6.5 Acre field was sold to the Cirencester Urban Council for £310 in 1933 for use as a playing field.

An additional £164 from the local Employment Labour fund was used on labour to level and develop the land for public use.

£226 was spent on equipment which when the field was opened in May 1933 consisted of swings with chairs for infants, swings for older children, several seesaw’, seats and a shelter.

I’ve found no record of a slide being installed but as I’ve written previously, I have fond memories of the slide at the city bank from the mid 1950’s onwards at least.

Before it was so well manicured and looked after like it is today, I remember the Abbey Grounds when it was an overrun unkempt area bounded by a high wall.

Before the Council purchased it and made it what it is today, the Abbey grounds was a secret recreational area for young boys intent on adventure; once they’d climbed the heigh stone wall, crossed the Churn and made their way through the thick plantation of bamboo plants that once guarded the old derelict Abbey house.