A SILVER pin found by a metal detectorist near Cirencester has been declared treasure by a coroner.

Metal detectorist Geoff Glindell, found a silver silver gilt dress pin in the Driffield area.

The pin, no more than 300 years old, was described as having hollow cast spherical head, applied filigree and granulated ornament in the form of circlets punctuated by knobs.

A raised horizontal band divides the head in two equal hemispheres.

The stem which emanates from the base of the sphere is complete and slightly bent.

Senior Gloucestershire coroner Katy Skerrett said: "Following confirmation from Kurt Adams, Finds Liaison Officer for Gloucestershire and Avon, this item qualifies as treasure in terms of age and precious metal content in accordance with the Treasure Act 1996."

If you find something that you believe is treasure, you must report it to a coroner in the district within 14 days of the discovery.