A NUDE photoshoot will be held in Malmesbury to highlight the issues of FGM, poverty and the lack of education faced by women in Kenya and Nigeria.

The event named Dare to Bare seeks to empower women who want to embrace their own beauty and will raise money for the One Woman At A Time charity.

Jean Anderson has organised the event with the help of Leanne Brown, formerly from the Housewives of Cheshire, and spoke of her hopes for the event.

"We are looking for women to come out of their comfort zone and potentially even sponsor a Kenyan girl," Jean explained.

"The women who get involved will either be completely nude, or they can choose up to five items to put on their body."

Both Jean and Leanne hope that Dare to Bare will raise £10,000 for the charity after seeing first-hand the impact that donations can have.

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard:

Leanne Brown and Jean Anderson working with children in Africa for One Woman At A Time

The charity which has had a significant impact on the lives of many young women helps identify and assist those who suffer from patriarchy.

Jean spoke of Irene Chesang, a 12-year-old Kenyan girl who was almost pushed into a forced marriage with an adult man.

"After speaking to Moses Lokeris, the police commissioner at the time, we were able to arrange for Irene to be rescued," added Jean.

"She has been through so much and I would love her or any of these unfortunate girls to be sponsored after our event.

"We want to give these girls a place where they are safe and can get an education."

As part of the eccentric event, celebrity photographer Danielle Baguley will be on the scene to catch the best angles.

Visitors will greeted with a glass of bucks fizz and will enjoy a tour of the world famous Abbey House Gardens where the first king of England is buried.

Participants are advised to bring their own props to the 'optional clothing' day and choose items that they feel symbolise empowerment.

Dare to Bare will take place on Sunday, September 16 between 11am and 5pm at the stunning Abbey House Gardens in Malmesbury.

Tickets and more details can be found at eventbrite.com/e/dare-to-bare-with-leanne-brown