CONGRATULATIONS to Fairford Town Council and its consultants for producing a splendid new logo for the Town and a startlingly good revamp of our newsletter - 'Fairford News’.

Critics and pedants abound I suppose - I’m probably one myself but putting ‘Welcome’ at the end of the message makes an impact.

Fairford News seems clearer and crisper than before. Who thought the printed word was dead!

Mark you I could say that the Palmer Hall’s new toilets can’t be Male and Female - they have no sex - could be for Gentlemen and Ladies.

And the ‘disabled toilet’ can’t be so - otherwise it wouldn’t work. And anyway such rooms now have changing facilities for babies - a better label is needed.

Rather like the daft convention of ‘contactless’ when you pay by debit card - it can’t be so can it? It obviously makes contact with your bank.

Pedantically yours.

Keith Gallon