David Broad

THE Parish Council meets at the Village Hall at 7.30pm this Monday, August 13. The agenda includes Conservation Verges, replacement of the Playing Field Fence, diversion of a footpath at Hartshill and setting a date for a meeting with the Chedworth Charities.

THE condition of a large Copper Beech tree at the Top of Tuns Hill has been causing concern since a branch fell narrowly missing a resident as they drove towards it in a van. The Parish Council has been asked to make enquiries. The branch landed on and broke the  Jubilee Noticebard.

MONKTON Combe Village Hall have discovered a Bass Drum lettered Chedworth Unionist Band 1887 in their loft while doing renovations.  They have kindly contacted Chedworth offering it as an historic artefact. The existence of a Chedworth Unionist Band has come as a surprise to many and research will have to be undertaken to establish what happened to it.

CHEDWORTH is preparing for the annual show at 12-5pm on the Bank Holiday Saturday, August 27.  In addition to the usual Horticultural shows, floral, fruit and vegetable  classes, there are a number of other classes and the photography class appears to be attracting a considerable amount of interest. Live music. Refreshments, stalls etc. No Bric a Brac stall this year (so please don’t leave any bric a brac). Admission £2.50. For more details please see

CHEDWORTH Show have a raffle for St Andrews School and the St Andrews PTA to buy reading resources and reading spaces. Please support them by donating prizes in advance.

Contact Deb McMorris at Springfield Lower Chedworth or Lucy Hatherell at Glebe House.

THE Back row club have a film at the Village Hall tomorrow evening Friday, August 10. Bar open  curtain up 7.30pm.