Dear sir

SUMMER is here again and the Bradley Wiggins and Laura Trott lookalikes are out in numbers dressed in their wonderful Lycra skin ware. Not just in ones and twos but dozens and dozens - all at once!

We appear to be in the racing season once again. Teams- no hoards- appear on our roadway unaware that they are causing upset and distress to locals with their calling out, litter dropping oblivious manner, often four abreast blocking the road to anyone behind! That is what makes them so unwelcome.

Elderly people cannot cross roads for fear of being mown down. Vehicles cannot turn out of road junctions for fear of the fleet of cyclists that will not give way. Result is anger and anxiety.

The police are not interested that they exceed the speed limit in a 30 MPH zone and as long as they have so called Marshals they are within the law.

Why is it that they cannot race around a track and NOT around our country roads ?

Yours sincerely

Ray jenkins


Down Ampney Parish Council