AN ELDERLEY Cirencester woman was targeted by an online scam.

The 86-year-old woman was contacted by scammers on Tuesday, August 8, purporting to be from HMRC.

During the call, scammers told her she owed HMRC money and threatened her with court action.

She was then told to buy £700 of Google Play vouchers and then provide the scammer the codes to enable their use.

Police are urgently warning residents once again to not fall victim to the scam.

PC Nigel Bates said: "HMRC will never cold call you and (obviously) would never make such a demand."

A police spokesperson added: “Although most of us would not fall victim to this type of crime the offenders will target vulnerable members of the community and need very few 'successes' to make it worth their while.

“Please consider sharing this message with older family members and neighbours.”

The incident number is 325 of August 8.