MALMESBURY residents are against any moves for a potential pedestrianisation of the Market Cross area.

Malmesbury Town Council put out a survey seeking the views of residents, shops, businesses and visitors on a resident's suggestion that the area around the Market Cross, where cars currently park should be changed to a pedestrian only area.

The results of the survey showed that 70% of the 543 people who filled in the survey voted for no pedestrianisation, no change to the current arrangement.

Only 19% voted for a permanent pedestrianisation.

The pilot survey that ran throughout June had a range of options from pedestrianisation for just the Friday Market and special events, to suspension of parking for some weekends and Sundays, all the way through to a permanent pedestrianisation.

Some of the comments mentioned that 'there is already a shortage of parking in the town and would have a bad affect on businesses, shops and restaurants.'

A full report will be presented before Malmesbury Town Council planning committee at the next meeting on September 11, before they come to a decision.