STOW'S first ever motor show has raised nearly £4,000 for charity.

Crowds were treated to around 200 gleaming vehicles, from pre-1940 vintage and classic cars to modern supercars and bikes on Stow's Queen Victoria II cricket field.

The money will be split between three charities.

Kate’s Home Nursing and North Cotswold Disabled Club will each receive £1,100.

The Sam Pilcher Trust will receive £1,000 also plus an extra £565, for manning the show's public car park.

“We’re delighted to be able to make this donation,” said Stow Motor Show chairman Geoff Parke.

“It’s the result of the hard work of our helpers and stewards who gave their time and energy and the landlord and staff of the Queen’s Head pub, Stow, who were also exceptional with their support.

“However, this would have all been for nothing without the generosity of visitors to the show, both on foot and accompanying the wonderful array of vehicles on display.

"All in all a very successful day for residents and visitors to Stow.

"We look forward to the Stow Cotswold Festival next year and another Motor Show in two years’ time.”