South Cerney

Mike Stuart

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DESPITE fears that the drought conditions experienced this summer would result in poor entries at the South Cerney 103rd annual Flower Show, the numbers of flowers and vegetables exhibits were actually greater than last year due to several new exhibitors taking part.

Cookery entries were high, and the handicraft section was also well supported with many excellent exhibits making judging a difficult task.

Visitor numbers are not yet confirmed but on both Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday the Village Hall was well attended and many who came stayed on to enjoy excellent tea and cakes.

Such events take a lot of organising and the committee deserve a vote of thanks as do the team members who set up the staging before the show and packed it away on Sunday evening.

THE excellent weather over the weekend attracted many visitors to the South Cerney airfield where the Gloucestershire Vintage and Country Extravaganza took place over three days.

The temporary traffic diversion system involving making Northmoor Lane a one way system definitely resulted in no marked increase in vehicles using the main village roads except for the vintage buses ferrying visitors from Kemble station to and from the event.

However, on both Friday and Saturday evenings the village centre became an extension of the Show when several of the vintage vehicles, including some massive steamers, arrived in Silver Street and Clarks Hay for the drivers and their teams to enjoy refreshments at the hostelries.

Numerous people came to see the free event and the atmosphere was quite festive and enjoyed by most. Unfortunately, some spectators from outside the village parked their vehicles in very anti-social ways causing considerable traffic congestion.

SOUTH Cerney Art Group holds another Painting Day this Saturday, August 11 from 10am -4pm in the village hall. Those taking part can either do their own thing or can take part in the organised Workshop at which they can experiment painting “in mono and lifting out”. Members pay £3 for the event but visitors can take part at £9 but pre-booking is essential by calling Janet 01285 860579 or Margaret 01285 861369.

ALTHOUGH most people have observed the signs at the South Cerney Community Compost site asking them not to leave materials that require shredding a few are ignoring the request. Please do not take anything woody that is bigger than your little finger to the site as we cannot process it. Also, please do not leave items such as the kitchen chair left there last weekend.

WITH autumn fast approaching it is advisable to book the Village Hall for events such as parties etc well in advance. There has already been a marked increase in enquiries so to avoid disappointment please call me as I am still doing the bookings.