THE first ever Miss Cotswolds was presented with a national courage award by Prince Harry after being involved in a devastating house fire at nine years old.

Courtney Taylor, from Cheltenham, is currently competing in the national finals against 49 other girls since being awarded one of 12 prestigious judges choice places at the semi final on July 3.

When she was just nine, she was involved in a serious incident that saw her house burnt down.

After learning the basics of fire safety from a brownie course, Courtney was able to get her family to safety, and had the honour of receiving a national Children of Courage award from Prince Harry.

Since then she has participated in a number of events for a variety of causes, including the Fire Fighters Charity.

"I completed a 10,000ft tandem skydive in aid of the Fire Fighters Charity, something I have a passion for since being involved in a devastating house fire at 9 years old," Courtney said.

"This was a way for me to give back to the Fire Service for their dedication and their selflessness, with this skydive raising £1070."

"I am always looking for new and innovative ways to push myself mentally and physically for my community, some have previously referred to me as ‘Wonder Woman!’.

She has continued to raise money for a number of charities taking part in a crane bungee jump and a charity night, with Courtney also set to face the UK's highest charity abseil next month off Broadgate tower.

Fundraising is a huge aspect within the organisation of Miss England, and it was her hard work and achievements this year that saw Courtney crowned the first ever Miss Cotswolds for 2018-2019.

The two part final is already underway, with the first part taking place last month, and Courtney has already helped break a Gloucestershire record.

This year is the first time ever there has been three Gloucestershire ladies in the final.

In the first part of the final, Courtney placed in the top five in the sports round, and also made the shortlist for the Miss Beautiful Hair award, with the winner announced in the second part of the final.

Courtney is now looking ahead to the second part of the final on September 3 and 4, at Kelham Hall in Nottinghamshire, where she is hoping to be crowned Miss England.