A SEVERELY neglected horse found in Wiltshire has been put to sleep.

Tonto, who was 28 years old, was found without food or water and in a stable filled with excrement.

Vets who came out to check him described his condition as the worst thing they had seen in 20 years.

Tonto had what looked to be a tumour on the side of his face, which had left his tongue hanging out and made it hard for him to eat and breathe.

Initially the tumour was thought to have been treatable, but after further tests that wasn’t the case.

Tonto had his bloods taken and X-rays where vets confirmed it was definitely a tumour.

Having also found a heart murmur, there was no chance surgery could go ahead and it was decided the best option for Tonto was to to put him down.

On Monday, July 9, Tonto was put to sleep surrounded by those who had cared for him.

Laura Webb has done regular updates on Tonto’s condition, and informed people of Tonto’s passing.

Laura said: “We did all we could for him and I’m sorry it couldn’t of been a better outcome.

“Goodnight Tonto, you will be so missed by so many.”

A team of volunteers including Laura have cared for Tonto ever since he was found.

To begin with he was too weak to leave his previous home, so they spent time putting food and hay out and gave him attention and cuddles to build up his strength.

Within a week he gained enough strength to transport to a new stable where he had been living ever since in his brand new rug, and was settling in well alongside his friend Rusty.

He was said to be eating much better and enjoying what time he had left before he died.

A fundraiser was originally set up to ensure Tonto got treatment and to give him every chance.

Donations reached £1,400, with the volunteers hoping to raise £3,000.

Money has been put towards various things for Tonto for various things that he has needed over the past few weeks but they still have some money left over.

Money remaining will go towards a horse charity or split between multiple charities.