AN INSPIRATIONAL police community support officer from Cirencester has been diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease, and is taking on an extraordinary challenge to raise money for future research into the disease.

Andrea Shutt, who colleagues describe as a dedicated police officer has been in the force for over a decade, but has recently been diagnosed with the disease.

Motor Neurone Disease affects the nerves in the brain and spinal cord, sending messages to your muscles telling them what to do.

Having MND, these messages gradually stop reaching the muscles, leading them to weaken and stiffen.

It is life-shortening and there is no cure, but symptoms can be managed to help achieve the best possible quality of life.

In Andrea’s case the disease is advancing rapidly and is already having a major impact on her and her family's life.

Simple daily life tasks are becoming increasingly challenging for her.

Colleagues have described Andrea as having "boundless enthusiasm and high levels of self-motivation that inspires her colleagues of all ranks to try and be as good as she is."

Despite the shock of the news, and the personal challenges she is facing, Andrea remains at work and very much in control of her area.

Andrea doesn’t want extended sympathy or personal financial support but she does want to raise awareness of this disease and to support research into it.

To do this, she is taking on the challenge of completing a wing walk thanks to the help of Cotswolds company AeroSuperBatics.

Andrea is taking on her own fundraising challenge to raise money for further research into Motor Neurone Disease.

Inspector Karen Ellis said: "Not content with doing this on her own she has invited me to take to the sky with her.

"In order to make it even more terrifying, she will be doing a ‘loop the loop’ whilst strapped on top of the plane!"

With time of the essence, the event is taking place on Wednesday, July 18, at 3pm at AeroSuperBatics, RFC Rendcomb.

Andrea so far raised £3,400 of her target of £5,000 to raise for Motor Neurone Disease Association.

To help support Andrea and donate visit